Saturday, May 10, 2014

Midwest Trio

We are on the road! We are currently in London, Kentucky and will be singing at Sunshine Hill Baptist Church, pastored by Mr. Michael Casada. This past week has been a lot of preparing, training, rehearsing and getting ready to leave. We are already having a good time!

These are the girls in our group! There's Bethany -the redhead- Joy -top left- and Caitlin -standing next to Kristy-. They are all such great girls and we're praying the Lord will use them and their voices this summer to be a blessing to many churches. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

He done graduated again!

We are proud to announce that Kyle has completed his Master's of Ministry degree in Seminary! It has always been his goal, his decision since freshman year to accomplish this. It took a little longer than originally planned but God knows best. It is a major achievement and was only accomplished with the Lord's help. It is Jesus Christ that allows us to attain success, even in formal education.

Kyle and I are so thankful that God has allowed us both to attend and graduate from Crown College. Not only have we been challenged academically but spiritually and in many other ways. Pastor Sexton and the staff/faculty of Crown College have influenced us in a wonderful and amazing way. There are no words to express what this place has meant to us, especially in the last year. It has become home. Our church, our jobs, our life. We can only thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity, however short it may be, to be here and have a small part in what is going on here. God is working! And He gets all the glory for it.