Friday, March 13, 2015

The Great Smokey Moutains

This was our second year at the Great Smokey Mountains Couple Retreat hosted by Faith for the Family and Temple Baptist Church. You would think only being married not quite two years we wouldn't need a get-away because we are still newlyweds, but even newlyweds need a "tune up" in the area of marriage.

We had planned on attending the retreat but decided it would be a wiser decision financially for us to commute to the meetings, savings us money on a hotel. We went to the meeting on Thursday night a little discouraged. It was not really very relaxing commuting back and forth. But we were going to try to make the best of it. Fortunately, we didn't have to be back in Gatlinburg (which is at least a 50 minute drive) until 10am the next morning. So we got some sleep that night and planned on leaving about 8am. Of course, I was running a bit late (bad hair day). I was just finishing up and said "Ok, I'm ready!" and Kyle said "Wait!" while looking at his phone. He had received a text from someone about a reservation, get this, being given away.

Turns out the man and his wife were from South Dakota. They got snowed in and weren't able to come. So the reservation was up for grabs to anyone who wanted it. A friend of ours put our name on it. So we snatched our overnight bags and quickly packed and rushed out the door so we wouldn't be late!

It was the hugest blessing! (and just in the nick of time too!) The suite was the size of a small 1 bedroom apartment and had a balcony with the most beautiful view of the mountains! We were stunned by how amazingly God worked it out for us to be there.

It really changed the entire retreat for us. It made our time together so much sweeter. God really does care for small things like that. How could we not thank Him?

The by far greatest gift and blessing God ever gave me is my faithful and godly husband. There were many things that I was reminded of during this particular couples retreat. How this man would see my every fault but still chose to love me and stay by my side. He is the one God chose for me. The foundation of our marriage is based upon the Lord. We would desperately fail if it was not for Him. We hope that the refreshing reminders of how much we must guard our marriage and keep it close to our hearts, not take it for granted, put each other before ourselves, all the things Christ did for us, will last us more than a year until the next retreat. We are always learning, always growing. Still, we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. We must discard our own selfishness, ask Christ to help us, and  look at each other like we did when we first said our wedding vows.