Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Parentals Come for a Visit

We recently had Kyle's parents in town for a weekend and let me tell ya, it was quite an overdue visit! (And much needed since we have not seen them since Thanksgiving.)
We had such a great time.
We ended up spending a lot of time relaxing and sitting around talking but on Saturday we went up to the Smokey Mountains for a picnic and hike. We went to Clemon's Dome, which is the highest peak in Tennessee. It was absolutely breathtaking! Here are some pictures from our day!
Kyle showing off his skills in carrying bags ;-)

Mom and Dad Aiello

look alikes ;-)

this looks for real but it wasn't. Kind of.

loving this picture! Momma's boy at heart


Just so we could say we walked on the Appalachian Trail father like son....

the tower at Clemon's Dome

I'm right here!

And the view was amazing

Isn't he a handsome guy?

Glamor shots with Dad......

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