Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Address. New Home. New Adventure

It’s hard to believe we have been in New England for over a month now. Forty days to be exact.  It’s been a wild 40 days for sure! Much has happened.
We left our home in Tennessee on June 19th. Several friends came out to help us pack the Penske truck and boy was it a tight fit! We were beginning to start giving things away if it didn’t all fit. (I’m so glad now that we sold our other couch!) God truly kept us safe on the 16 hour drive up to Connecticut. We made it there in one piece (and our stuff too!).

It was a little emotional for me (and for Kyle) to leave this place we had called home for 2 years. It probably didn’t make it better that we really had no idea where we were going to be living/staying once we got there. All we knew was Kyle had a job. A kind and amazing family in the church offered for us to stay in their guest bedroom while we figured out what to do with our housing situation. We figured we’d be there for two weeks. Those two weeks turned into three and then a month.
At times it was frustrating to say the least because God seemed to be opening doors. We would try to go through them…then the doors would close. Well, slam shut more like. God had his hand on it all but for a while, we really had doubts whether we had made the right decision to move up here. It was scary and really rather discouraging. We looked and looked for housing but everything was so expensive or just in terrible shape. We didn’t know what to do…..

Finally, we found this tiny little apartment in Westerly, RI.  It’s actually kind of amazing that we even heard about it. When Kyle called the owner they said they normally do not advertise to people outside of friends and family. They didn’t even know the person that gave us the listing! But they were willing to let us stay there with no contract and a very affordable rate. Not only that but another couple was looking at it and somehow we were able to move in within a week! It’s a very small apartment but it’s exactly what we needed for the time being. We’re moved in now after a month of being in limbo. God has been so good! 
I'm saying all this in retrospect as if it's been a long time since everything has transpired but really going through it has been tough. Each day has had its challenges and struggles. Still, every detail since we’ve been here has had the Lord’s hand on it all. He continues to show His faithfulness to us. It has really forced us to depend on the Lord. We truly believe it’s because He will get the glory when we rely on Him and can say “Yep. That was the Lord.” We are so blessed.
Doing God’s will is sometimes the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life.  But there is peace and rest that can be found in following God that cannot be found anywhere else. I know I’ve had my doubts and fears about this move. I am not going to claim it’s been easy! But I’ve seen God come through in so many ways! The verse I’ve clung to is Psalm 73:26 “My flesh and my hear faileth; but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.”
We know God knows what is best and what we need.  It’s not just like someone else’s story. It’s not all a bed of roses either. It’s not always instant provision. It’s a process of trusting God’s plan and being patient enough to watch His plan unfold.

And there’s still more yet to watch…..

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